Rockford, IL – Silver Arrow Express, an Illinois based company known for their transportation and logistics services throughout the continental US, has recently celebrated their continued positive rating for safety. The company credits their continued success to their efficiency, high safety rating, and nationwide capabilities. Silver Arrow Express, which started as a small part of a larger roofing company in the 1980’s, saw the need for better transportation and delivery between worksites. From two vehicles to nearly 50, the company has continued to enjoy both their high safety rating and their impeccable level of customer service and retention throughout the years.

“Thanks to our team of rapid response professionals, we are able to handle even the most complex logistics and delivery scenarios,” explains company manager, DuWayne Moore. “We always concentrate on the unique needs of our clients in order to better satisfy their logistical needs. In order to meet those needs in a timely manner, we keep our equipment running on a continuous cycle in order to prevent a shortage of excellent service. Together with our wide selection of delivery times and up-front pricing, we promise a 5-star local service for all of our clients.”

Silver Arrow Express uses only the most dependable vehicles and the best personnel for each logistics job. The company offers their clients their sterling safety record, expert reliability, and the highest quality of professionalism and equipment. Every day, every month, every year, Silver Arrow Express works round the clock, using 53-foot carriers to deliver throughout the nation; from the West Coast to the Midwest, the northeast to Texas, and everywhere in between. Each shipment comes with a diverse portfolio of delivery options, and clients can choose those that best suit their specific scenario, timetable, and budget. From single loads to repeat program delivery, small companies to well-known giants of the industry, Silver Arrow gives each of their clients their full scope of resources, professional dedication, and committed customer care.

Each transportation strategy is tailored to the specific requirements of the company. Silver Arrow takes pride in their versatility and high safety rating, which allow them to go above and beyond for their clients. In fact, thanks to their consistently high safety rating, Silver Arrow Express is also well known for their hazardous material shipping. With these types of shipments, safety and security are vital. Silver Arrow fully complies with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations, allowing them to partner with clients for risk management and safety transportation. Freight and shipping services for hazardous materials cover such shipments as soaps, liquid chemicals, dry powder, and other speciality loads. Thanks to their investment of a significant level of resources into safety training for personnel, equipment maintenance, and the latest safety technology, Silver Arrow is able to ensure that every shipment is delivered safely, helping them to uphold their sterling reputation as a leader in national transportation and logistics.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Rockford, IL, 30 January, 2015 – Silver Arrow Express of Rockford is pleased to announce the release of the company’s new website. Silver Arrow Express is the premier transportation and logistics company that has been in business for over 30 years handling complex logistics and delivery scenarios for its clients.

“We are excited in launching our new website which has gone through a major upgrade to better serve our new and existing customers,” says Bill Meiborg, Owner of Silver Arrow Express. “With competition mounting in the Rockford region we needed a platform to explain to our customers our story and what makes us better than our competition,” Meiborg went on to say.

The new website, which was recently launched, combines an elegant design, useful tools and an easy to navigate interface for site visitors. The website is a responsive site which means that it automatically adapts to the device the user is using to interact with the website. As an example, if you were to visit the website on a mobile phone you would notice the phone numbers are automatically set for tap to call functions. This is convenient because a mobile visitor may need to make an emergency call and the tap to call function makes that much easier.

The primary marketing focus of the website is to provide a resource for companies and drivers looking for a trucking, shipping and logistics soltuions company. The new site reflects the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and greatly enhances the informative message of the company’s comprehensive transportation and management solutions. The site also has a Resources and Videos page to help both drivers and customers gather and review information.

Like many other industries the trucking and freight management business is constantly changing, so the site uses a content management system to help keep the information on the website up-to-date. The website will be maintaned frequently with new content such as industry news, videos, articles and other pertinent information, which will help keep site visitors well informed on these topics. For more information about Silver Arrow Express please contact their offices at : (815) 397-4892.