Silver Arrow Express Videos

How to use the new Google Maps: Directions for 2015

Training Video on how to use the scanner on your ELD Unit.

There are many things to consider when choosing a Warehousing company. In this video Zach Meiborg discusses 5 things that should be considered when choosing a warehouse.

Meiborg Brothers Inc. Rockford, Illinois’ #1 trucking and logistics company uses Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute fleet addition to ensure our drivers are operating within the best driving conditions both in and out of the truck.

In this video Bill Meiborg discusses basic pre-trip inspection techniques to implement that will save you time on the road and time from breakdowns. The engine, lights, tires, and general vehicle inspection should all be considered as minimum pre-trip requirements. These tips are quick and easy and should become a habit for all drivers.

In this video we show you how to unfreeze your break drums from the brake shoes on a frozen rig. Be sure to follow the instructions of our mechanic and remember that a cracked brake shoe is a DOT violation.

In this video we discuss how to chain the tires of your rig for winter weather. We look at how to properly apply the chains to your tires to maximize your time and effort. As discussed in the video there are several concerns when chaining your rig, so it’s important to understand the best method for applying chains correctly.